Landscape lighting trees give a magical effect to your property and enhance the ambiance. While there are various outdoor lighting techniques, there are two techniques commonly used – uplighting and downlighting. While both lightings are equally effective, they still deliver different results. When deciding which lighting you should use, consider the visual effects that both the lighting technique creates and which area you want for lighting. And for installing landscape lighting, you can contact a landscape installation company nearby your place.

Why Choose Lighting The Trees?

Lighting trees along your pathways to welcome guests or selecting trees all over your front yard to maximize curb appeal. And lighting trees with the circumference of your yard will make a lovely border and give extra security by extending your vision to the property edges. Also, there are some techniques for landscape lighting for trees you can explore:

1. Uplighting Trees

The first method is called uplighting, which involves shining light onto the tree from light that is placed at ground level. Uplighting is the most general landscape lighting technique as these lights are comparatively easy to install, and they beautifully illuminate the tree from the base up. Depending on the tree height and the lumen output of the lamps, the light can extend onto a few branches. The simple way to contact a  landscape installation company for any kind of landscaping lighting help.

2. Downlighting Trees

The second technique is downlighting, which also refers to moonlighting. Rather than lighting from below, downlights light from above. Remember, light placed at height illuminates larger areas, while lights mounted lower illuminate smaller areas. Also, the terms downlighting and moonlighting are frequently used interchangeably; moonlighting is a type of downlighting. Fixtures are often placed at heights in the trees, allowing light to shine naturally through the leaves and branches. Further, this lights up the ground gently and may have various patterns of shadows. Moonlighting is a suitable option in areas that require low-level lighting on the ground, for example, lawns, patios, and driveways.

3. Combining Uplighting & Downlighting

In certain situations, combining lighting techniques to get the desired look can be imperative. For this, both uplighting and downlighting are combined. Notice how the downlights from the center tree light up the tree itself and softly illuminate the plants and rocks around the water feature. Then, the uplighting around the trees draws your attention upward, thereby making visual interest and depth. If you have any doubts, visit any landscape lighting installers in Palm Beach, FL.

Important Considerations For Lighting Trees

For lighting trees, some considerations need to be followed, and some of them have been mentioned below that you can explore. Have a look at them-

1. Choosing The Number & Placement Of Lights For Trees

You need to follow two factors for selecting the number and placement of lights. The first one is the size of the tree. A smaller tree may only require a single light, and a large tree may need two or three lights to make it completely illuminated. The second is angles. Assume you want to enhance curb appeal and have chosen some trees in your front yard to illuminate. If your house is on a corner, you need to light the trees from two angles so that the people passing by in any direction will see the illumination.

2. Choosing The Right Beam Angle For Trees

The next element to consider is beam angle. The beam angle measures the beam’s width from a light source. As the light disappears from its source, it spreads and becomes low-intensity. When opting for the right light, consider the width of the trees you desire to light up. If needed, you get a landscape installation in Palm Beach, FL.

3. Choosing The Right Lumen Output For Trees

Consider also the lumen output when lighting trees. A lumen is the SI unit for measuring luminous flux. The number of lumens required for lighting trees depends on how far you want that light to reach.

Get Installed Landscape Lighting To Make The Ambiance Aesthetic!

Getting installed landscape lighting from a  landscape installation company adds some magical effects to your place and enhances its look. However, it would help if you considered some techniques and factors to create an appealing look. If you want to get landscape lighting installed in your residential area, you can contact us at Pura Vida Landscape. We also offer services of landscape installation and design, landscape lighting, synthetic turf, and others. If you want any help related to landscaping, you can contact us.

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