Shine a Light on Your Stunning Property

Shine a Light on Your Stunning Property

Ask us about our landscape lighting services in Jupiter, FL

Does your home look uninviting once the sun goes down? If you've ever fumbled for your keys at your car or front door, you know how important landscape lighting can be. Contact the experts at Pura Vida Landscape for an outdoor lighting installation in Jupiter, FL.

Let us give you the perfect finishing touch to an amazing landscape design. Call 561-972-3340 today to discuss your goals for an outdoor lighting installation.

How can outdoor lighting breathe new life into your yard?

Precise and creative lighting can make a world of difference for your landscape. Schedule a landscape lighting installation to:

  • Accentuate your beautiful plants and greenery
  • Provide extra safety on walkways and driveways
  • Add an inviting ambiance to your home or business
  • Highlight important features at night

We offer senior discounts and free price estimates on all lighting installations. Contact us today to view a 3D model of your lighting design in Jupiter, FL.