Synthetic Turf 


Reduce Your Lawn’s Maintenance Needs
Are you tired of the constant care and attention your lawn needs to thrive? You could enjoy a lush, green yard without any of the work. Reach out to the experts at Pura Vida Landscape to schedule a synthetic grass installation in Jupiter & West Palm Beach, FL.

We have years of experience installing synthetic grass for both residential and commercial clients. The benefits of artificial turf are numerous, including:

Zero maintenance or upkeep
Fewer insects and animals
No need for sun or water

If you have a dark or cramped property, synthetic grass is the perfect solution. Our modern product looks exactly like real turf. Call 561-972-3340 today to receive a free estimate.

Choose The Right Turf For Your Lawn
At Pura Vida Landscape, we offer a variety of natural sod products to give you a stunning property. Our turf installation is cost-effective, pesticide-free and produced at local farms. You can enjoy the beautiful appearance and comfort of your natural turf without all of the typical maintenance.

We’re preferred dealers of St. Augustine, Bahia and Zoysia sod products. Contact us today to schedule your turf installation in Jupiter & West Palm Beach, FL.

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